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Evo X Flash Recovery


Newer Mitsubishi CAN ECUs based on the M32R processor have an alternate reflash recovery mode which can still be accomplished via the OBD port. If you have one of these ECUs that is for some reason unresponsive via CAN, you can use the method described here to reflash it and regain functionality.

What is needed

  • Openport 2.0 interface cable
  • EcuFlash software
  • A special wiring connection to the OBD port (described below)

Connecting to the ECU

In order to allow the Openport 2.0 to connect to the ECU in the recovery mode, a special additional connection must be made between the cable and the OBD port. This connection can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Using an OBD breakout box: This method requires the least work and is non-invasive, but carries the most expense. Using an OBD breakout box in-line with the Openport 2.0 and the vehicle, a banana plug jumper wire is placed between OBD pins 8 and 12 on the breakout box. To use this method, nothing must be plugged into the 2.5mm jack on the Openport 2.0.Image:evoxrecovery_breakout.jpg
  • Relocating the OBD pin: Unmount the OBD connector from the body of the vehicle and carefully eject the OBD pin 8 socket / wire and relocate it to pin 12. The Openport 2.0 can now be plugged directly on to the OBD connector for recovery any time. To use this method, nothing must be plugged into the 2.5mm jack on the Openport 2.0.
  • Making a temporary connection: Plug the Mitsubishi reflash connector (used for Evo 7/8/9 vehicles) into the Openport 2.0. Place a stripped end of hookup wire into the one populated pin socket on the connector. Connect this wire to the OBD pin 8 wire on the backside of the OBD connector using some form of splicing / "vampire" connector. Make sure the connection is reliable and will not disconnect or have intermittent contact during the reflash. Connect the Openport 2.0 to the OBD connector.

Reflashing the ECU

Once you have made this special connection, plug the Openport 2.0 to your computer and start the EcuFlash software. In the File->Options control panel, check the Flashing->Flash Recovery Mode option. Load the stock rom file for the vehicle into EcuFlash. Select Ecu->Write to ECU from the menus and follow the instructions to complete the flashing process. The erase and flashing can take some time, so be patient. The program may appear stalled early on while it is erasing the flash which takes 10-20 seconds.

After You Are Done

Once the flash is complete, remember to turn off the recovery mode option in the Options menu. You should now be able to connect to your ECU via CAN once again and resume your original flashing work.

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