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FAQ: What is OpenECU?

    OpenECU is a project to enable open access to vehicle ECU's for tuning and logging purposes.

What does the "open" part mean?

    Currently, most vehicles use a specialised computer to manage engine operations. These 
    computers are programmed by the manufacturer and are "closed" except for the manufacturer 
    themselves and liscenced service centers. This means the owner can't see how these devices 
    are programmed to operate.
    "Open" means that the code used to program these ECU devices is available to be evaluated by
    everyone, including the owner.

What vehicles are currently supported?

    Subaru vehicles from 2001 and some Mitsubishi vehicles.

What hardware do I need?

    Windows 2000/XP Laptop with USB port for openport cable, or serial port for Accessport cable.  
    Logging:  Cobb Accessport or Openport cable
             non-dbw subaru:Openport 1.0-1.2 cable
             dbw subaru: Openport 1.2 or 1.3M cable
             Mitsubishi: Openport 1.3M cable 

What Software do I need?

     Software is here:

Where can I get more information?
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